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MyProjects is a unique way to support Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.

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Recent donors

  • Christophe... donated £1,000.00 to Breast cancer: Support ...

    Open Quote On behalf of all the goalkeepers at Shotstoppers in support of our friends mother and family 41 mins ago  
  • Sarah donated £6.25 to Breast cancer: Support ...

    42 mins ago  
  • Jade donated £10.00 to Breast cancer: Support ...

    Open Quote Ju & Dad- Instead of Christmas presents, Merry Christmas! Jade & Meg xxx Today at 11:52  
  • Stephen donated £50.00 to Prostate cancer: Help u...

    Open Quote I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer at age 58 and the prostate was removed 3 months ago. I am now getting back to fitness. We can beat this disease together. Today at 10:30