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About MyProjects

Group of scientists

MyProjects is a unique way to support Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.

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To date, MyProjects has raised over £2 million to help fund a wide range of world-class research projects. Read more

Recent donors

  • Janet donated £25.00 to Lung Cancer: Fund vital...

    Open Quote My Mum died from lung cancer almost a year ago, and it was only discovered when it was Stage 4 and had spread to the bones. Yesterday at 22:52  
  • Fiona donated £25.00 to Breast cancer: Help us ...

    Open Quote I've a family history of breast cancer so I told a local friend, who refused payment for something I asked her to make me, that I'd donate to Cancer Research Yesterday at 19:51  
  • Stewartt donated £50.00 to Keir and Laura's wedding

    Yesterday at 19:26  
  • clare donated £10.00 to Skin cancer: Support vi...

    Open Quote In memory of my mum who passed away six years ago from melanoma. we need a cure Yesterday at 19:07