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Reb's Recruits


Reb's Recruits

Update 09/04/12:  In addition to our online amount, we raised £1074.59 (before Gift Aid) on our paper forms, bringing Reb's Recruits total to a whopping £4728.24!  Thank you guys for your support!

Update 10/03/12:  Challenge completed! Tom finished the 5K obstacle filled track in a very impressive time of 47mins, followed closely by June at 53mins. Jo & Nadia were not far behind at 69 and 70mins respectively. Bringing up the rear, crossing the finish line linked arm in arm were Kelly, Hannah, Jeni, Tori, Harriet & Reb in 1hr 35mins. It's going to hurt in the morning! Thank you all for the support & sponsorship!


So I'm coming to the end of my drug treatment and what better way to say Thank You to all the people working on the trial than by fundraising for Cancer Research Skin Cancer projects.&... more


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  • Rebecca

    donated £ 1,343.24
  • Michael

    donated £ 12.50
  • rachel

    donated £ 12.50
  • David

    donated £ 12.50
  • Kathleen

    donated £ 18.75