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Mary Murray Gladwell

I am writing this but its my wife doing the run and the charity as she is running the Liverpool half  Marathon on Mothers Day which is a fitting tribute for my mum who died of Ovarian Cancer aged 53.

They call it the silent Cancer and we know why, at the time she was too busy stuck in a Spanish hospital looking after her second husband who had been hit with an anurism and was confined to a hospital bed firstly in a coma then in a single room where my mother spent two months sleeping on a leather chair next to him, all this time she was silently keeping quiet on her stomach which was growing larger, she knew something was not right,but as always was thinking of others before herself, When she got back home it was too late, but we wish this cancer could be highlighted more as it has one of the least cure rates due to how late people find out they have this illness and more publicity would help combat this.My family and my sister Sharon and her family shall be thinking of our... more

We have reached our target of £800!
In fact we have raised £1,086.25
and are still going strong


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