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Lucy Runs to the Beat


Having never run in a race I have (probably naively) decided to sign myself up to run a half marathon in October.

The reason that I have decided to put myself through pain on Sunday 28th October is to raise as much money as I can for Cancer Research UK. I think that everyone knows and loves someone who has been affected by cancer and it is only through public funding that Cancer Research can fight cancer.

I know it is a huge amount of money but I would love to raise £550 because that is the amount needed to cover a month’s running expenses for a clinical trial investigating hormone therapy needed to improve the treatment of prostate cancer.

I'm hoping that the music will help me to run nice and quickly and have entered myself for a time of 2 hours (which was DEFINITELY naive). I promise to train my socks off so that I make the time and to make sure that any money you can donate has been well earned. My donation page address is: ... more

We have reached our target of £550!
In fact we have raised £681.25
and are still going strong


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    Lucy Runs to the Beat

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