Gaz's triathlon

Gaz's triathlon for lung cancer

Gaz's triathlon


Firstly thank you for visiting my page.

As some of you may know my Grandad Les was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

As you can imagine my family are going through a really hard time at the moment.

They say that at some point in our lives cancer will affect us, even if we don't have it we will know someone who will.

So i want to raise as much money as possible to help prevent others going through this now and in the future.

Any donation know matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated.

My grandad is my inspiration, a man that i aspire to be like.


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  • Anonymous


    donated £ 5.00
  • James

    donated £ 25.00
  • Tim2303


    donated £ 10.00
  • Tim2303


  • Luke

    donated £ 18.75