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Here I go again

May 29 2011

Just back from my recent scan results where I was told the Tumour has grown back almost the same size as it was before 2 years ago !

I have no other choice now except to have 2nd Debulking Operation.          Hurstwood Park have set a date for June 8th 2011.

I'm sure I will bounce back & continue raising money for vital research that is needed to hopefully one day find a cure or prevention for this cruel disease.

I still hope to start  "RACE FOR LIFE" in Stamner Park Brighton on 2nd July !!!

Fundraising is now an essential part in my life ...Raising awareness into how much is needed to help so many people affected.

                                  Never Give Up x

How it all began.............

Mar 30 2011

In March 2009 I was taken to Hurstwood Park Hospital after spending several nights in  my local hospital  where they were presuming I had an ear infection ? Severe pain in my ears, head, vomiting & passing out !         ...