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MyProjects is a unique way to support Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work. It allows you to:

  • choose which area of our work you want to support.
  • follow the developments of the work you’ve helped to fund.

Find out more about MyProjects or take a look at our current projects.

The MyProjects website has just been launched and it is currently a beta version, which means we’re still working on developing and improve the website.

If you have ideas or suggestions for the MyProjects website, we’d like to hear from you.

MyProjects is open to everyone. All you need is a credit or debit card to make a donation to support Cancer Research UK’s work.

Yes, your donations are ring-fenced to the project you have selected.

Cancer Research UK has committed to funding the projects featured on the MyProjects website. When you donate to a specific project on the site, the money you donate is restricted to your chosen project. By donating in this way you allow Cancer Research UK to fund other unrestricted work.

The donation you made will go to help Cancer Research UK support the project you have chosen. We automatically stop accepting donations to a project when it reaches its fundraising target or fundraising expiry date. This way we can regularly add new projects to the site and you can continue to support a wide range of our work.

Setting up your own Fundraising Page allows you to get your family and friends involved and track how much money you have donated together to the project. By adding a personal message, you can tell everyone why you think this project is important and why you want your family and friends to get involved.

You'll find a list of all the Fundraising Pages you've joined on your "My profile" page. As a member of a Fundraising Page, you can:

  • Upload pictures and videos to the Fundraising Page gallery.
  • Leave messages on the message board.

As a Fundraising Page owner you can also:

  • Send emails to all the other Fundraising Page members.
  • You can invite family and friends to support your Fundraising Page by clicking "Spread the Word" in the "My Tools" section of your profile page, or clicking "Invite friends" from the Fundraising Page.

You'll find a list of all your Fundraising Pages on your "MyProfile" page. Just click the "+" sign to view all the editing options, including editing the gallery, emailing members, closing the Fundraising Page or pledging any future donations to a new project. Should you wish to do the latter, any new donations will support your new chosen project. Any donations made before the change will fund the original project but will still show in your Fundraising Page totaliser.

We believe that a strong online community that recruits new members has the ability to reach the project’s fundraising target. We encourage supporters to be active members of the project network and invite new people to take part.

The research projects on the site all have the potential to be life-saving. So, in the event that the fundraising target on a project is not reached, the scientist will be assured of funding from Cancer Research UK's general funds.

The projects on the MyProjects website represent only a part of Cancer Research UK’s work. We aim to select the projects that our supporters want to help to fund.

If there is a project that you would like to support but it is not currently featured on MyProjects, please let us know.

We set the target date to expire a year from when the individual project is added to the MyProjects site.

This date will change when one or all of the following happens:

  • a year has expired.
  • the target is met.
  • the project ends

There may be a need, due to unforeseen circumstances, to remove a project before the target date has expired or before the target amount has been reached; for example, a researcher may move on to another piece of work before their current research grant is scheduled to end.

Cancer Research UK will give the reason for a removal unless there is a conflict with the research/er confidentiality. We would then find a similar project for you from our portfolio of work to support.

If you can’t find the project that you’ve previously supported and would like to receive an update on any progress or developments of that research, please call the Supporter Contact team on 0300 123 1022.

MyProjects offers you a more personalised way to give to Cancer Research UK. It allows you to donate to specific projects and give in a way that is most relevant to you.

Every single donation is valuable and without all of our supporters we could not raise the money we need to fund our vital research. Be part of MyProjects and find a project you want to help make happen.

Use the "tell a friend" email on our website. It’s a quick and easy way to tell everyone about the great work you are supporting and invite others to join MyProjects.

Yes, we give our supporters the option to remain anonymous. You need to create a profile in order to make a donation, but you can choose what information you want to display or keep private.

You certainly can. Please follow exactly the same process as you would when paying online, but, when you get to the "Make Payment" screen, please click the "Get cheque form" link. This will open a printable form, which you should post – along with your cheque made out to "Cancer Research UK" – to Cancer Research UK, PO Box 1561,Oxford, OX4 9GZ.

In the unlikely event that this should happen, where possible your donation will be allocated to a similar project or the new project that is assigned by the owner of the Fundraising Page that you have donated to. If this is not possible, the donations will be ring-fenced to the specific cancer type, or to the general Cancer Research UK fund.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and use a secure server when you make a donation on our website. To find out more, read our privacy statement.

The address book import function is there so that you can easily email your friends about things you think will interest them on MyProjects. Only you will be able to view and use these email contacts. We will not use them to email your friends or pass them on to any third parties.

Go to the log in page and click on the "forgotten password?" link. Enter your email address and we will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

You can edit your profile details when you log in to your profile page.

Yes. We’re always looking for helpful and reliable volunteers, no matter how much or how little time you’re able to spare. There are lots of ways how you can get involved in your local community. Take a look at the volunteering opportunities near you

Gift Aid is a Government scheme that enables charities to claim the basic rate tax their supporters have already paid on their donations. As such agreeing to Gift Aid will increase the value of your donation by at least 25% but it won't cost you a penny!

Giving under Gift Aid means that so much more money can be raised to support our life-saving work. Read more about the Gift Aid scheme here.

We try to keep you updated in as many ways as possible. Members of the project teams visit the website frequently to review comments and keep supporters updated about developments.

Depending on the project, you could be reading a scientist’s blog about the research or watch video clips to gain real insight into the work that you have helped to fund.

Yes. All donations are made online and you will receive a confirmation email of your donation.

It is in the best interest of our work if legacy gifts are made to Cancer Research UK and not given specifically to MyProjects.

It is not possible to know what our research projects will look like in the future, when a Will becomes effective. If there are binding conditions attached to a legacy which we cannot satisfy, Cancer Research UK may not be able to benefit from the legacy.

If you have any questions about the gift you wish to make, please contact our Legacy Administration Department on 0300 123 1862 or legacy.administration@cancer.org.uk

All new drugs and treatments have to be thoroughly tested before they are licensed and available for patients. Years of research and development take place before a potential drug is ready to go through clinical trials. Projects featured on the MyProjects site are at different stages in this process.

The research we carry out increases our understanding of cancer and directs future research. Not all of our research will lead directly to a treatment. Find out more about our research.

Read about our position on the use of animals in cancer research.