About us

MyProjects is a unique way to support Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work. Choose a project that means the most to you and see the impact you can make.

By supporting Cancer Research UK this way, you’ll know exactly where your money is spent.

How MyProjects works

1. Choose a project

Choose the cancer you want to beat. Find an area of our work that is relevant and interesting to you and you could help Cancer Research UK in its commitment to fund it. Together we will beat cancer.

2. Make a donation

Every pound donated is valuable in supporting our vision of beating cancer. Make a donation online and share your motivations for supporting with other members.

3. Spread the word

Tell your family and friends about the work you’re supporting and encourage them to join MyProjects. You can even set up your own Fundraising Page and invite your family and friends to give together and support it.

4. Stay up to date

Visit the project page regularly to watch the donation total reach its target and to keep up to date with the project developments.

Cancer Research UK

By supporting MyProjects, you are helping to fund the work of Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research.

We carry out scientific research to help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. We also provide information and support to patients and their families.

Our groundbreaking work, funded almost entirely by the general public, will ensure that millions more people survive in the future.

Some achievements so far

Our history and impact stretches back over a century and our work spans the whole pathway of drug discovery and development, from the earliest lab studies to large-scale clinical trials. Through our research, we've contributed to the discovery or clinical trials of nearly 50 drugs now in clinical development. These drugs will save many thousands of lives in the future.

Thanks to better treatments, new diagnostic techniques and screening methods, and improved management, survival rates have improved for nearly all cancers.

  • Now, more than 95% of men with testicular cancer in the UK are cured.
  • Almost 2 out of 3 women with breast cancer in the UK now survive their disease beyond 20 years.
  • Almost three quarters of children with cancer in Great Britain are now successfully treated.

Find out more about our work

Visit our award-winning patient information website CancerHelp UK for information about cancer or read the latest news in cancer research.